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Social Media For Real Estate Agents

Hey friends and followers! I’d love to see the followers become friends before the end of this post but here’s what today’s post is about:

Social Media for Real Estate Agents


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It also can be tedious to perform the tasks that you need to perform to get any real result out of it. I’m here to say that I am fixing that problem. Let’s break down what SM (Social Media) is all about.

What is Social Media?

SM is essentially a digital platform of real life. It is the ability to connect with real people on a virtual platform. Here’s a few analogies to consider for SM. Imagine the plaza or park where other people gather to generally hangout. You overhear another couple of people talking about real estate. You interject into the conversation to voice your opinion or concern and try to address yourself as a real estate agent. Sounds daunting right? That’s because it is.

On any Feed driven SM platform (think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) you scroll through posts and content from real people. You have the easiest ability to simply comment on their post and engage in little conversations. Unlike the park/plaza, you can wear your “digital name badge” on SM. I’ll touch more on that later. In the SM realm, you also can market yourself with a digital storefront. Allowing people to quickly glance at you, your brand, and your mission, rather than driving to your location to meet you. Your SM presence is critical. In today’s age, more than 3.6 BILLION people use SM worldwide. Millennials drive it home by having 90.4% of their generation active on Social Media. The numbers say that it’s very simple, you need to be on Social Media.

How do I get onto Social Media?

Being a Real Estate Agent on Social Media isn’t anything new. It is also extremely difficult because every other agent is too. In my own data gathering, I’ve witnessed and documented over 60% of active Real Estate Agents having Social Media profiles but not utilizing them correctly.

While I can’t share my tips and tricks about how to utilize Social Media correctly, I will say that you can check out my coaching page to register for my Social Media video where I walk you through how to set up your Social Media accounts, basic branding, best practices, software for efficiency, and how to get business in a week from Social Media.

First you should utilize a Social Media checklist which I have available to send you if you register as a member using my link here. Create all of your accounts and bookmark each homepage or feed.

What do I even post?

Posting content is the challenge everyone has. Not everyone is creative and that poses an issue, think writer’s block. Except, I outline what you can do and show you how to do it in my Social Media video. Here is a free trick to start with content:

Head over to Google. Type in “Real Estate Agent Near Me” and scroll down to the Questions section. From here, take each question and write it down. Guess what, that’s a topic of content. When you click on one dropdown question, more questions are generated at the bottom of the list. Take down as many questions as you like and answer them for great content ideas.

If you are wondering what content channel to utilize, think of these:

  1. Picture

  2. Video

  3. Blog

  4. Text

That’s it. It boils down to those 4 channels to present your message.

Social Media shouldn’t be a thing to fear. Rather it is easier to do everyday if you aren’t afraid to comment/engage with people around your area. I have scripts to share that you can message people to introduce yourself. It is a great free way to get started and get your name out into the world.

Head over to my coaching page and register for FREE to receive a Geo-Farm Funnel Infographic. I look forward to working with you soon!

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